Smart Meters require smart interfaces

Roll out of smart meter technology is essential for utility companies looking to improve the monitoring and management of energy consumption while giving consumers more opportunity to save money through more efficient energy use.

smart meters

Moving forwards, if consumers are truly to harness the power of the smart meter, it will need to move out of its traditional location under the stairs or in the garage and take centre stage in the home for all to see and use.

And, as the smart meter becomes an essential element of the ‘networked home’ the user interface will be the single most important component that influences user perception. This, coupled with the need to display more and more information, will dictate display size, type and functionality.

With this in mind smart meter developers need to consider the end user experience from the very start of the design. This is where intelligent display platforms (in which a display is pre-integrated and attached to a small embedded PC) can play a key role.

Not least they can simplify the development and prototyping process by eliminating the need to identify and design in a wide variety of components at the same time as reducing the software programming overhead. To find out more how to take smart meters to the next level of user interface take a look at our new article: 
Smart Meters Seize the Limelight

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