A Display Engineer's Journey II - CTP advances


Shantou, the city where our display partner, Goworld, is situated, benefits from being in a Special Economic area of China and enjoying rapid development. The Goworld site itself is vast and almost like a small town including numerous dormitories, 3 plants (50000m2, 18000m2 and 18000m2), numerous warehouses, head office, restaurants, 4 basketball courts and more…

During my 2 day visit I was invited to visit the CTP production line based in a truly impressive 50,000m2 warehouse! It fascinated me to see how each of the layers of the CTP are carefully pieced together and how the process varied between glass to glass and one-glass solutions. I was struck by how machine intensive the majority of the process was with the inspection areas being very people intensive.


Discussions with Goworld’s R&D team revealed some advances in CTP namely the progression from Glass on Glass to One Glass Solutions (OGS) and how this has been achieved I learnt a lot about the differences in CTP structures and technologies such as self-capacitance and mutual capacitance and how the design of a CTP is adapted to suit real world applications. It highlighted to me the importance of obtaining as much information as possible about the end application to be sure that the customer gets the perfect solution for their product.

During my visit I also took a look at the LCD production line and witnessed modules being created from the start of the design process right through to the fixing of backlight assemblies and full module testing. The sheer volume of modules being constantly produced was outstanding. It was also interesting to see how the process required little altering despite changes in the size or technology of the LCD.

The cuisine was a highlight of my stay in Shantou – being a coastal city the speciality is Seafood – one memorable dish was a baked oyster and egg dish served with a side of chilli!!

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