Prototyping a software-based design

Many customers create their product in software, and seek to create a proof of concept prototype that can be shown to partners, investors, management and other stakeholders to create buy-in.

prototyping-software-based-designThey need embedded display platforms that are ready to go, integrating an appropriate ARM, Intel, AMD or Snapdragon processor with a display, a touch interface and communications. Developers just load their application to create a working unit that can be used to prove a concept and deliver a powerful working demonstration to generate buy-in. As the display becomes the defining component for electronic systems, it is no longer enough for display distributors like ourselves to offer a range of standard display products.

We like to start to work with customers at the prototype stage, offering a platform on which they can prove their software. As the customer moves forward to a production design, we roll up our sleeves and create the solution that will enable the product to succeed in the end market, and deliver that in volumes and with commercial terms that the customer can support. Only a strong specialist has the vendor relationships to be able to accomplish this.

This thinking is behind our DX platforms, which are offered with a range of display sizes, from 4.3” to 12.1” and a number of different processors. Having finalised the design, the same platform can be customised to create the production system with a minimum of further development. The hardware is highly flexible, and can be tailored to suit an individual application in terms of operating system, display size, cabling, screen glass, backlighting, processor speed and interfaces.

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