Product Release - 7" Cut Down TFT

We today announced that we are extending our semi-custom display service to 7" and 10.1" colour TFT displays, which can be cut to a specified height to suit the space available. Our semi-custom service also includes adding touch control and other features, but the initial NRE (non-recurring engineering) cost is less than one-tenth the normal upfront charge. 

Commenting, Paul Hooper, our Display Group Manager said,

“Since its launch on the smallest display sizes, our semi-custom service has been hugely popular, allowing many customers to transform their system with a colour display instead of a mono character unit. There are a great many applications where a standard TFT won’t fit – for example, in rack mounted equipment where there are height restrictions. Yet the cost of a custom display is prohibitive unless volumes are exceptional. Our semi-custom service provides a very economic way forward.”

7 inch cut down tft display imageThis service is based on an innovative manufacturing process. Customisation is carried out at an ISO9001 accredited site, with the appropriate clean room facilities. The entire process, including resizing and the addition of a backlight and touch interface, are carried out at a single site. The NRE costs are a fraction of those associated with a full custom display and the minimum economic order is low.

We now offer this on 2.8" 4.3" and 7" colour TFT displays and are in the process of developing a 10.1" display. Our customers can have these displays cut to their specified height, and add touch control, FPCs and a backlight to their specification.

Hooper continued, “It has been shown again and again that the user interface has a huge impact on the user’s perception of their equipment, and is a real differentiator in the market. Our semi-custom service allows customers to transform the user interface, adding a colour graphics display of exactly the same size as their existing letterbox character module. It also gives the opportunity to introduce touch control and other enhancements – giving their end product a stunning new look.”

Contact our experts for more information about this service !

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