Very latest displays mix with humanoid robots!

Humanoid Robot at EDS

Now in its fifth year, the Electronics Design Show in Coventry (October 19-20) confirmed its place in the calendar as the go-to UK event for engineering design.

We enjoyed meeting the humanoid robots – though on the whole, we got along better with the fully human visitors. The next generation of engineers was very much in evidence, and we looked at some exciting projects especially in the medical and industrial marketplace.

EDS was a platform to showcase something new (AMOLED), something established (mono displays) as well as something exceptionally rugged (marine displays). If you couldn't make it to the show - take a quick tour with me below. 




Without doubt, the biggest draw was the AMOLED display. The crisp clear image and vibrant colours instantly caught the eye of passers-by – and we saw many visitors walking around the side to check out the viewing angle. You really can get as close to 180-degree viewability without compromising quality. We pride ourselves as being amongst the first to bring display technologies from the consumer market to the industrial customer and we’ve done it again with AMOLED.

However, not every design needs the latest and greatest and we had many interesting discussions around our selection of mono character modules. Mono isn’t standing still, and visitors were impressed by the high contrast and excellent readability of the latest displays. They offer low power consumption, long service life and excellent readability. They are also easy to integrate and very affordable – and with the range of modules and options available we can create a tailored module to suit your needs pretty much exactly.  

The third attraction on the Anders stand at EDS was the rugged display we created for instruments on the latest powerboats. Although the number of visitors designing for a marine environment wasn’t large, the module provided a great talking point for the challenges faced with industrial projects. This display is protected against a corrosive liquid (sea water), designed for operation in extremes of heat and cold and is readable in light conditions from complete darkness to bright sunlight. Though this combination of requirements is pretty much unique to the marine environment, one or more feature in most industrial display designs, so this extreme case contains lessons for everyone.

We always seek to create something specific for your project, and we emerged from EDS with a long to-do list of designs to think about. 

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