Why People Make Anders?

Did you know that our unique combination of expertise and experience in business, engineering, operations, manufacturing, and supply chain has contributed to the success of the world’s most well-known and commonly used platform, the touchscreen embedded display? 

Yep that’s right.  From established and educated leading household brand names, to new and emerging innovative tech, Anders has a role to play as the specialist in the design, development, and supply of world-class display and embedded technologies. 

And what is that role?  Well, just consider this for a moment, all those fancy touchscreen, display and embedded display products come from somewhere…. uh huh. So that naturally means that all of those products must be designed and developed somewhere. 

Consider your day and the number of touchscreens you have engaged with to fulfil tasks. Whether this is a simple request for a cup of coffee, or something more complex like a command to navigate you to a destination, you have interacted with an embedded display to power your world. Now think about where this technology came from. The technology that we now take for granted to simplify our actions, increase output, gather data and optimise performance.

anders teamThe answer is Anders. 

We are the company that works with our customer’s innovation to bring display and embedded technology into everyone’s life

How cool is that? Well, it’s only as good as its people. Our business operates as one, with every function fitting together to turn each unmade jigsaw puzzle into a work of art. Our Anders team is made up of talent from; engineering, operations, account management, marketing, finance, leadership, and quality.

Success is built by the people you surround yourself with, and we are very proud of our team members. With a wealth of experience in the electronics industry, customers are in the best hands, the best-in-class, some have said!

We Are the People Behind the Screen, meet our team here, we are happy to help.

This week, you will find out more about our two newest team members; Adilson Jacob, Applications Engineer, and Alex Pang, Applications & Development Engineer, who joined Anders earlier this year. Join us in giving them a warm introduction to Anders and the world of touch technology.

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