How to solve the PCAP Integration Challenge?

The iPad generation has led many of our customers to demand a similar look and feel in their medical and industrial devices. Attentive as ever to market demands, we are pleased to announce a solution.

PCAP DisplaysOur newest line of high-quality PCAP-integrated TFT display modules enables the seamless addition of P-CAP touch screen functionality to industrial and medical devices. These display modules are ideal for non-consumer device makers who are looking to achieve iPad-like, look and feel for their devices – but who want to avoid the technical and commercial headaches of  integrating touch with TFT displays.

The range consists of display sizes from 4.3” – 21.5” and resolutions from WQVGA – WXGA, including some options with MVA and IPS wide viewing technology (up to 89/89/89/89).The TFT display is integrated to a PCAP touch sensor using air gap lamination techniques with an optically bonded black border cover lens which further enhances the product’s appearance, providing a flush finish as found in many consumer products.

Our PCAP Displays are available with both single and multi-touch (up to five simultaneous touch points from 5" and above) options and have been designed for seamless integration into both existing and new product designs, connecting through an i2C interface and with no recalibration required. Specially designed for rigorous and demanding environments the displays offer high touchscreen durability, high transparency, and overall excellent optical performance.

To enable manufacturers to further close the gap between consumer devices and their task-specific devices whilst promoting their brand identity, Our PCAP Displays can be offered with customised, decorated cover glass or PMMA for enhanced front panel styling, which can include printed logos, cut-outs for buttons, speakers, hard buttons and rounded edges, together with LED illumination.

It’s amazing how the iPad generation has led so many of our customers to demand a similar look and feel in their medical and industrial devices. This range of stunning PCAP displays takes away all the technical and commercial barriers that held back so many product designers in the past.

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