Together, we can build a better 2016

2015 has been a tough year. Traumatic events such as terrorist attacks and severe weather have brought home to us all the fragility of life. For some, these events have represented personal tragedy, for all of us they have been sobering.
Yet they are also openings for change: opportunities to create solutions that influence people’s lives positively and make the world a better place.

outlook-for-2016"One thing that inspires me, personally, is the customers that we see working on these challenges. We have customers designing intelligent / smart energy solutions, to control how we use the planet’s resources and resist abuse. We have customers who deliver medical technologies that will make healthcare professionals be even more effective, and give patients more information and more control over their own treatment. We have customers working on security systems that can help prevent terrorist attacks, and contribute to bringing the perpetrators to justice."

"At Anders we are proud of what our customers are trying to achieve and want to make a difference and contribute to their vision. Often the system that our direct customer is building is just one part of a solution and we are always keen to understand that big picture. Then we can look at how the whole system can become more effective, more efficient, smaller, easier to install or maintain or in other ways more fit for purpose. That thinking has given us the close customer relationships that we enjoy – where we are seen as much as an adviser and a partner versus just a supplier."

"I took over as General Manager of Anders in January and it is a position I’m honoured to hold. Around me I have a team of people who have passion for the work they do, complete integrity and a great desire to help our customers to succeed. Our portfolio of display and embedded computing technologies is exceptional, but it is our people that make the difference. They have the vision and the creativity to holistically tie everything together, and create a product that delivers more than our customer thought possible."

"Our mission is that every solution we create should exceed our customers’ expectations. We not only wish our customers, partners and suppliers a prosperous New Year but are also looking forward to working with them to build that success and create a better 2016."

Paul Mullen
General Manager / Director

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