LOW volume, LOW price Optical Bonding Service

You may think Optical Bonding is too expensive for the volume of displays that you use – but what is the cost of the user frustration caused by reflections from the screen of your product? Our new service may mean that optically bonding your display is less expensive than you think.

Optical Bonding

Optical bonding is a well-established technology which dramatically reduces the reflections in displays by eliminating air gaps between the layers using an optically matched filler adhesive.

Using this technique, reflections can be reduced from 13.5% of the incident light to just 0.2%. This makes a huge difference to readability, especially in brightly lit and outdoor environments for displays consisting of multiple layers of glass. Optical bonding also prevents condensation and improves mechanical shock resistance.

In the past, many customers with lower volumes and /or price sensitive applications have dispensed with optical bonding for economic reasons despite its great and well-recognised advantages. We are now able to help these customers, with a new optical bonding service aimed specifically at customers whose volumes in the past would have been too low to make optical bonding economic.

The new Anders optical bonding service is offered on displays of 2.8” to 21.5” sizes with a very low minimum order quantity. The entire bonding process is carried out under one roof, at the site where the modules are manufactured ensuring both an extremely high standard of quality and a low cost of around one-third the normal price. We are offering a comprehensive range of options with the service, including modules with integrated touch controllers, scratch resistant or anti-reflective coatings, or protected by vandal-proof glass. IP65/67 sealed panels for use in wet environments, and panels compliant with PCI standards for payment terminals are also offered within the service.

Our optical bonding is carried out at an ISO9001 qualified manufacturing site. The site can produce products certified to TS16949 for automotive applications, ISO 13485 for medical grade application and EN60945 for marine grade applications

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