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The two most critical design decisions you’ll make are choosing a display and choosing a processor. Your processor defines how well the system will work – the display defines how well it will interact with the user.
We at Anders decided to revise completely our website with the key objective to help you in those key decisions and create a new window into developments in display and embedded computing technologies.

Colour or Mono, LCD or OLED, Touch or no touch… whether you have specific technical requirements or a blue-sky idea, our new Display Pages will help you become familiar with the different display technologies and customisation options we offer.  
We are here to guide you through choosing the most suitable display solution that exceeds not only exceeds your technical requirements but does it within your budget and creates an outstanding product which will set you apart from your competitors.

Our advanced Embedded pages will help you rapidly take your concept idea to reality with an area specifically dedicated to our rapid prototyping solutions: the DX Embedded Display Platforms. Created by engineers for engineers our DX products are here to assist you during the prototype stage of your project and will help you rapidly deliver a reliable and flexible prototype design.

And because we want to help you even further with the rapid development of your product we also now offer you the possibility to order evaluation kits for our DX Embedded Display platforms and Computer on Modules directly from our website and get a rapid prototyping solution off the ground in no time at all. What could be easier and faster than this?

We dedicated to our customers success and are therefore proud to help our customers every step of the way through their design projects. This is why we have created an interactive platform with our Knowledge Centre where our display and embedded experts address the questions you are asking, give you tips and advice on prototyping and design and speak about the latest display and embedded computing technologies.

At Anders we believe that what make us different is our dedicated team of people. Behind the Anders name are experts in display and embedded technology with a passion for what they do, complete integrity and a great desire to help you design the best product possible. They think beyond individual products and look for solutions to help you succeed in your design. Get in touch with any one of our experts directly on our Meet the team page.

At AndersDX our core belief is that Your Success is Our Success, and we are confident that this new website will help you define the user interface that helps your users get the most out of the system you’re creating.

Take a look around and get in touch - we would love to start working with you on your next amazing project.

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