Monochrome to colour made easy!

Upgrading from character modules to colour TFT displays just became a whole lot easier with our new solution! We can customise now our QVGA colour TFT module to fit into front panel slots designed for popular character modules.

mono to colourWe can customise and adapt the character module to fit into the existing case aperture, designing a bezel or housing to create a perfect fit. We will also supply an interface PCB designed to minimise the redesign of the electrical interface. We can adapt its QVGA module to fit apertures designed for most character modules between 128 x 64 or 240 x 128 pixel formats.

Customised colour graphics modules offer a very economic alternative to designers who want to update the front panel without mechanical redesign. We do the hard work, so that all the customer needs to do is think about the content on the display. This can be kept simple to minimise programming effort, or be more advanced making full use of the graphics features of this module.

We can optionally adapt the modules further, adding resistive touch control for example. They feature an anti-glare film as standard, and can be optionally supplied with scratch resistant or anti-reflective coatings. The Anders 2.8” QVGA modules are also available with backlight enhancement.

To replace character modules of different sizes, we offers a semi-custom service. Colour graphics TFT displays on a 4.3” and 2.8” diagonal can be cut to a specified height to suit the front panel aperture. There is an initial NRE (non-recurring engineering) cost for this service, but it is less than one-tenth the normal upfront charge. 

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