Going Mono? Design to Wow with a Custom Display

custom-mono-displaySTN LCDs come in several flavours, giving designers numerous options when it comes to creating an imaginative and attention-grabbing user interface.

Fast-Response (FRSTN) and film-compensated FSTN or FFSTN types can handle fast-moving images and icons that older standard STN displays cannot. They also give sharper image quality, higher contrast and wider viewing angles.

Dual-Scan DSTN displays effectively doubles the line-refresh rate for even higher image quality. There are also vertical alignment displays, which have a true black background and can deliver striking visual effects using coloured backlights or filters.

If you’re considering an STN display, you are probably working under tight power or cost constraints. Even so, it is possible to deliver a user experience well above market expectations if you know how to access the full potential of these displays.

It is helpful to understand that a custom STN display can be tailored to your application more economically than you might think, making your product unique in the marketplace. You might have a great idea for a special set of icons, or display mode. Maybe an unusual display size or shape will help ensure your product fits neatly into an awkward space. You can also fine-tune materials and assembly processes to withstand environmental extremes.

At Anders, we have supported numerous custom display projects. Our entire team comprises qualified engineers, to handle not only the electrical details and user-interface design but also design for manufacture, environmental design and testing, and supply-chain management. Their experience also ensures efficient interactions with our hand-picked manufacturing partners in the Far East.

mono-display-for-washing-machineOne recent project was to help create a graphical user interface for a high-end washing machine. The effects on a delicate LCD of humidity, high temperatures and harsh vibration in the washing-machine environment can surprise even seasoned home appliance designers. Our team suggested several improvements, including using a direct heat-seal bonded flexi cable instead of the standard elastomeric electrical connector and bezel, to ensure an extremely robust connection to the interface board.

In another project, our engineers helped redesign a display already in production, when the original polarising layer material was made obsolete. They identified a replacement with the right properties to deliver equal performance and durability, which helped avoid a major product redesign.

A properly managed custom project can achieve a low-power, budget-conscious display that delivers a superb user experience.

Get in touch with our qualified display engineers to develop a stunning custom mono design!

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