Look at it Another Way with Extra Wide Viewing Angles

The viewing angle is generally defined as the maximum angle at which a display can be viewed with ‘acceptable visual performance’ – for example without losing significant brightness or experiencing significant colour shifts. In some cases small viewing angles are acceptable and, indeed, desirable – think about a laptop PC where the user doesn’t want others to be able to easily see the screen.

extra wide viewing anglesHowever, there are a growing number of non-consumer applications where more than one person may need to see what’s on a display, or where the user can’t always be face-on to the screen. In these cases, wide viewing angles are a distinct advantage. Which is why manufacturers are now offering ‘Extra Wide Viewing Angle’ displays.

Take, for example, our the newest line of TFT display modules which range in size from 3.5” to 10.1”. Unlike traditional TN cell technology-based displays, these units leverage both MVA and IPS manufacturing techniques to deliver all-round viewing angles from 80/80/80/80 degrees to an impressive 89/89/89/89 degrees. The result is that the modules suffer no colour inversion even when viewed from extremely wide angles.

What’s more, the wide viewing angle is not achieved at the cost of quality – the displays offer outstanding optical performance in portrait, landscape or rotating mode and have high contrast ratios from 400:1 (for models with touch) up to 900:1.

At Anders, we continue to add products based on genuine usage cases that measurably enhance our customers’ devices. Our new Extra Wide Viewing Angle Displays are an outstanding fit for a growing niche - offering great optical performance, affordable pricing, and the quality that device manufacturers need to meet user expectations

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