Touch on Cell for custom LCD Designs and more at Electronica

New Touch on Cell technology is being showcased at the Electronica show in Munich this week. The latest custom LCD option, intended for low to high volume consumer and other product manufacturers is embedded into the segment displays and differentiates products’ user interface while adding technical and commercial benefits too.

In cell touch

Instead of a touch sensor bonded onto the LCD display, each touch key is embedded directly into the LCD cell. The LCD ITO pattern is then designed to match individual touch key symbols.

Key detection is extremely accurate; an accuracy which is maintained through self-calibration and auto drift compensation. The simple self-capacitance sensor design can sense through glass up to 10 mm thick, or plastic of up to 5 mm. It operates from 1.8 to 5.5VDC.

With no external touch sensor, full optical transmissivity is preserved, while the display module is thinner, lighter and easier to integrate. Hardened glass renders the display as a fully robust and reliable product, whilst the touch buttons or keys activate with no pressure, giving users a desirable, PCAP type touch experience.

Unlike In-Cell touch technology for TFT displays which still faces significant yield challenges and is only currently adopted for extremely high volume consumer goods, Anders’s In-Cell offering is targeted at custom segment displays. It can be offered at extremely aggressive pricing compared to traditional capacitive sensing touch key solutions, with very low MOQs. 

Other new technologies in show are Vertical Alignment segment displays which provides ultra-high contrast and much wider viewing angles. In addition, there will be new Custom LCD panels, bi-stable displays and Smart TFTs utilising Freescale ARM CPU. Come along to the Yes Optoelectronics stand in Hall A3, booth number 329 and meet our man Tony Allridge who is waiting to discuss any display requirements you may have.

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