Give your display the “wow factor“ back!


Can my product replicate a high-end consumer electrical without the price tag to match?

A sleek one-piece black glass fascia uncluttered by buttons and completely blank when the instrument is switched off. On activation, a number of LED-lit touch buttons appear, and a touch display activates, presenting the user with context appropriate options and the information they need.

The high-end consumer look

The kind of look you’ll see when you walk around a high-end audio or video based retailer. The real surprise is that this touch interface design is straightforward and not that costly to implement.

So why aren’t we seeing this approach more often?

A traditional approach to touch keys uses a technology called CapSense™. Even though this technology is widely adopted, there are a number of hidden problems associated to adding CapSense switches to your user interface design.

Each icon that involves a touch function requires its own dedicated IC and additional components generally increases complexity and the risk of failure to the whole system.When we create an environment with many capacitive devices, these increase electromagnetic interferences, making it more difficult to obtain EMC certifications, resulting in a fairly cumbersome, expensive and unattractive solution.


Anders has recognised these challenges and has solved them, with a revolutionary way of integrating the user interface described in the opening paragraph without any additional components, reducing costs, eliminating risks of failure and mitigating any potential technical issues. Therefore, giving our customers the “wow factor” they deserve and desire without any of the traditional shortcomings.

We really care about offering the best display solutions and reducing problems; are you willing to take on this challenge with us and get a display with an amazing UI look? Contact us and let’s start this journey!


Next time: We’re taking a look at how to design a display which withstands sunny environments. Stay tuned and have a look at our range of displays and embedded technologies!


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