Technical seminars are no match for a front line visit

Knowing exactly how our partners work and their evolving product portfolio is a key factor when you’re a big player in the displays market for industrial applications. So when Shantou GoWorld Displays invited us to see their new production line I was thrilled to say yes!

front line factory visitGoWorld manufactures industrial grade LCD displays and Integrated Touch Panels for us. We’ve been working with them for many years now and they are professional, reliable partners.

I was invited to see their new production line of integrated capacitive touch panels and was overwhelmed by the line’s efficiency and the outstanding technical expertise of the production engineers. With the team’s enthusiasm and obvious passion for their products, I learnt more about capacitive touch panel technology and design in 3 hours than I would do in days of training!

We are already offering low cost integration of capacitive touch panels into small displays, for all kind of touch devices in the fields of medical domestic appliances and home automation, but this new production line will enable us to offer even lower MOQs and NRE charges for our customers. This will open up the world of capacitive touch to many more customers - which we are really excited about.

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