Join Paul Mullen as he reflects on 2016 & what what to expect In 2017

As we start another New Year, our General Manager Paul Mullen reflects on 2016 and looks forward to what 2017 has in store.

How was 2016 for AndersDX

"Throughout 2016, we have seen revenue growth as an opportunity to invest in its business. Our strong, reliable and multi-cultural team is the reason why Anders is different. We have expanded by over 20%, adding external sales, technical support, engineering and quality assurance resources."

What are your thoughts about the economy in 2017?

"We’ve never (thank goodness) lived in a static world, but what’s new as we enter 2017 is the uncertainty. It is hard to predict what impact Brexit, the US election and the Italian referendum will have, let alone the outcome of elections in France, Germany and the Netherlands. Economic forecasters and political pundits know no better than anyone else what lies ahead."

How can companies respond to our new, uncertain world?

"To survive in an unpredictable climate, flexibility is key."

"Companies need to be prepared to react to changing situations. Change will bring opportunity, but in an uncertain world it is businesses that adapt quickly to changes as they happen that will inevitably succeed."

How have Anders relationships with its suppliers changed in 2016?

We have strengthened and developed our supplier relationships and added new partners to complement our business. Having the right partnerships means that we can provide a stable, consistent source of supply for established technologies like TFT and monochrome whilst be at the forefront of introducing new technologies such as AMOLED to the industrial market.

Our relationships with established partners have expanded. For example, we are now a direct sales representative as well as a distributor for Truly allowing us to engage with a wider base of customers. This is a great tribute to the strength of our technical support team. We are also developing new relationships, such as a partnership with monochrome specialist Techshine. This allows us to continue to support smart meter, medical and other industrial customers with passive mono displays for the foreseeable future.

We continue to have very strong relationships with Shantou GoWorld and Data Image: key partnerships developed over many years, which are central to our ability to optimise products for our customers.

What is the vision for 2017?

Our aim is to not only meet, but to exceed each and every customers’ expectations, and to continue to partner with them right through the life of the project to ensure its continued success. We are confident that we have the right solution for you – and will work with you to identify that solution and integrate it into your design."

"We look forward to working more closely with you in 2017.

Paul Mullen

General Manager / Director

Anders Electronics plc

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