EMC and the Touch Screen - eliminating issues!

Our Display Group Manager Paul Hooper and I have conducted extensive research on EMC issues and teamed up with our suppliers to offer customers an invaluable service in eliminating these problems.


Capacitive touch screens detect touches through minuscule changes in capacitance and performance can be badly affected by emissions in the environment. Indeed, the grid of wires inserted in the screen may itself emit EMI under certain circumstance.

Two Anders touch screen experts, Mike Logan, Display and Input Technology Manager and Paul Hooper, European Sales Manager, have looked extensively at the issue, and discussed it with our suppliers. They have come up with a range of solutions and technologies that can address the problem.

Commenting, Mike Logan, said, “Engineers understand that EMC needs to be tackled from the ground up. There is no one-size-fits-all solution here – there are a number of different approaches that can help, including specifically customised driver ICs with unique features, EMI specific filter circuits and other measures. Customers need to involve us from the start, though. It really isn’t possible to ‘patch’ a problem design.”

Paul Hooper agrees saying, “Protection can’t be added as an afterthought. We will work with customers from initial concept right through to qualification. The goal is to ensure that the display works reliably in the application, doesn’t interfere with other systems and complies with industry standards without adding unnecessary cost. That’s why it is essential that customers approach us before they start their assembly design.”

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