Intel DX86 Embedded Display has got even better!

At the beginning of the year we responded to customer demand by extending our popular embedded display platforms into the Intel world, and also increased screen sizes to include brand new 12.1" and 15.6" screens. We are continuing to enhance the DX86 range with new improvements including full Linux support and WIFI option. 

The DX86 follows the established recipe, offering a ready-built chassis integrating TFT display, touch screen, and fanless embedded motherboard but this time customers can access off-the-shelf Windows and Linux applications and drivers in addition to loading their own software. All this can be provided to mount onto a metal mounting plate.

DX86 with Linux

We are also working on a monster 19.0" PCAP display which will be coming soon. The recently introduced 12.1” DX86 offers superior contrast and improved readability in sunlight thanks to its optically bonded display. The 15.6” has a high brightness display (1020cd/m) which has also been optically bonded.

Both platforms can be tweaked to suit an individual application in all sorts of ways: cabling, screen glass, backlighting, processor speed, and interfaces. Developers can rapidly create a prototype using a standard module from the Evaluation kit, and when the time comes, move from proof of concept to the development of a production unit. At this stage, the platform provides enormous flexibility of screen choice, specifications, and driver software. 

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