Plug'n'Play Embedded P-CAP Display Platform

The latest addition to our family of DX embedded display platforms, and the first to feature a multi-touch screen PCAP LCD display, the DX4 streamlines the path to iPad-like user experience for non-consumer electronic devices.


Our DX4 display platforms include an optional-MVA (Multi Viewing Angle) TFT display, a P-CAP touchscreen, and an optically bonded cover lens. Device designers can choose from a 4.3” WQVGA, 4.3” WVGA (MVA), 7.0” WVGA (TN), or 7.0” WVGA (WVA) with both single and multi-touch options.

Specially designed for rigorous industrial, HMI and medical use, DX4 embedded displays offer high touchscreen durability, high transparency, and overall excellent optical performance.

Comprising a high-performance P-CAP multi-touch display pre-integrated with a powerful OMAP DM3730-based computer, the DX4 is a flexible and scalable embedded display module ready to drop in to new or existing device designs.

Moreover, DX4 embedded displays are fully compatible with decorated cover glass or PMMA for enhanced front panel styling, and offer custom cutout options for speciality functionality.

At the heart of the DX4 is a powerful, fanless SBC, based on the TI DM3730 processor and running Linux (Angstrom) and Win CE 6.3. With two CPU cores in a single package – an advanced Cortex-A8 ARM 1Ghz processor for OS and application code, and a TMS32006x DSP processor for dedicated video processing – the DX4 embedded computer supports 2D/3D graphics with OpenGL, and can handle even the most graphic-intensive applications. DX4 customers can also take advantage of multiple interfaces and communication port options, including UART, SPI, I2C, USB, Ethernet, SD-CARD, WiFi and Bluetooth.

Our DX4 is the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective way for non-consumer device manufacturers to implement a next-generation P-CAP multi-touch display interface, optimised for and pre-integrated with a powerful embedded Linux or Win CE computer. The DX4 offers long-term availability, outstanding technical support levels both and functional upgrades, and a unique device form-factor independent design.


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