Modelling the concept - try before you buy!

So, now you are convinced you would like an extension to your design team to create that perfect User Interface (did you miss out? - see the first steps here), how do you go about creating a display solution that meets your requirements, selecting a manufacturing partner and modelling the proposed solution in your system environment?

Creating a solution: customisation

motherboard-optimisationIt is very rare for the outcome of an initial feasibility study to be a standard off the shelf unit. User Interface design is very specific to the individual project, and you will nearly always require some sort of customisation specifically for the intended use, whether that be a simple backlight modification, adding sunlight filters or creating a complete custom baseboard.

However, we know the thought of ‘customisation’ can send you into panic-mode! "Surely it will inflate the price of my end product" we hear you say! The reality is, customisation presents us the opportunity to optimise the design to potentially reduce the cost. Not only can you cut costs directly by removing unwanted features, cost savings can also be made indirectly: an optimised solution that needs less processing power can save on both power and cost budgets; optically bonding the display and using a lower power custom LED backlight not only provides readability in high ambient lighting conditions but does it at reduced power and cost.

A key part of our proposal to you is selecting from one of our long-term partners who are best placed to deliver the required solution in tech terms such as EMC challenges, regulatory and environmental considerations, or commercial such as price, lead time, volume or long-term availability.

Our skilled in-house engineering team collaborates extremely closely with our manufacturing partners to identify the optimum components needed to develop the ideal solution for your application. We regularly visit their manufacturing facilities to discuss processes and technologies which can make a real difference to your design. It allows us to create innovative solutions beyond what you thought possible.

Modelling the concept

starterkit-N2930-Bay-Trail-PicoTo prove that the concept design works we provide you with an Evaluation Kit. You can then verify your concept without getting involved in resource-draining issues such as configuring the electrical interface or setting up the graphics drivers as we've done it for you!

Once you're happy (and we are confident you will be!) we can put it all together into a working HMI while you focus on the aspects of the system that differentiate it in the market. Alternatively, if you prefer to use your own engineering team, we can provide you with all the key components such as core module and display, together with the reference guides such as schematics and technical documentation for you to go ahead and build the solution yourself.

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