The final part of the journey - mass production and beyond...

So, the fact you're reading part 3 of this journey, means you want to know how we can get your beautifully designed interface into mass production and beyond...

Concept to firm working design

So, by now you would have accepted the initial proposal, feasibility study and given us the go-ahead to undertake the design. We may have also provided you with an evaluation kit to model the concept - you're still happy.. next we assemble a very skilled in-house team with all the necessary expertise to take this design from concept to volume production.

display-concept-to-final-working-designThis team can consist of display specialists, firmware developers, electronic engineers, mechanical engineers and software engineers who are all based in our HQ. They undertake the detailed work of creating a solution that meets the exact needs of your project. The team also looks at back end issues, adapting the BSP to ensure that it supports the selected display.

Should there be any ambiguities or inconsistencies in the specification, these would have been ironed out by now and we provide you a technical brief to sign off. This working brief is now the final blueprint that we work from and the benchmark that you use to assess the project as it moves forward.

The proof of the pudding: prototype and on into pre-production

We are now ready to build the first working prototypes, based on the BOM in the proposal. During this phase, we continue to work with you to ensure the prototype is fit for purpose and modify the design if necessary. Once you sign off the prototype, we would recommend a pre-production batch of around 10% of the anticipated annual volume, as an interim step before moving to full volume production. This is a critical stage – and we can visit your manufacturing site so that we are on hand to iron out any issues and inefficiencies with this first batch.

Delivery: volume production and beyond

If you're happy with the pre-production batch and all is running smoothly, you are now ready to go into volume production. Our aim is to get your product to the market on time, and on budget with its design goals achieved.

Success, as always, is down not only to the professionalism of the engineers involved but also to teamwork. We aim to become a single team delivering your project. Good communication, trust, and transparency are central. It is a great feeling when we see a product in production that we have made a difference to. That, more than anything, is what drives Anders as a company. So, we hope we have convinced you that working with Anders is right for you.

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Download your free Ebook:<br> The HMI customer Journey

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