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At AndersDX we pride ourselves on having a very close relationships with our partners. It is important to us to keep 100% up to date with key developments and plans for the future so we can pass this knowledge on to our customers and help them develop products that far exceed their initial expectations.

Yes Optoelectronics has been a key partner to Anders since 2010. Being an LCD expert for over 20 years, we asked them their opinion on the current and future display market and their key development focus for this year.

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  1. As an LCD expert with more than 20 years’ experience in the industry, how do you see TFT technology growing?
    It is clear that the use of TFT displays will increase within the next few years. The price of this technology has clearly dropped over recent years: you can now find a small size TFT for the same price as a Mono display. Individuals are now utilising TFTs owing to the influence smartphones and tablets have had on their lives.

  2. What technology trends to you see influencing the industrial market this year?
    We are confident that we will see a clear increase of high resolution PCAP touch displays for this market segment. Again this is due to the influence of smartphones and tablets. You use these products in your everyday life and customers expect to have the same touch and feel on every other device.

    High Brightness displays will also be more prominent this year. Sunlight readability is a real issue when it comes to outdoor display applications and this technology solves the problems by delivering highly readable and reliable displays for outdoor use.

  3. What do you do to keep ahead of competition ?
    A lot! Our main strength is clearly our ability to resize any LCD display to any project’s requirements. We can for example cut down a 7" TFT to XX" so the display will meet exactly the customer's enclosure. We are also able to provide the TFT display module with high brightness and a backlight all fully assembled in our facilities in Beijing .

    Our other main strength is the support we provide: our partners know that we will be here all the way through the process to help them with the integration of the touch module and display.

  4. Which technology or products will your focus your R&D investment for the remainder of 2016?
    Our key focus will be to carry on working on additional size cut down TFT to bring a great range of choices for our customers. We are also focusing on improving high brightness displays

  5. AndersDX and Yes Opto have been partners for more than 6 years now. How would you describe our relationship?
    Yes Opto and AndersDX partnership has been growing within the last few years. What makes it work is the combination of skills between the two companies and the same philosophy that we follow: what matters to both of us is the success of our customers. For these reasons we consider Anders as our No 1 partner!


Tony Allridge from Anders with Yes Opto LCD Specialist teamOur display expert Tony with the Yes Opto Team

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