How to revolutionise the user interface of your next design?

So, why would you work with Anders rather than one of the numerous interface specialists out there? Well, that all depends on how driven you are to get your display solution completely fit for purpose, easy for your customers to use and right first time!

Think of us as an extension to your design teams, very different, we believe, from other companies who guide their customers to a product from their stock or standard portfolio which may not fully satisfy their requirements. Instead, we enable you to develop the right embedded display solution for your project.

Many projects inevitably start with a customer looking for a particular display and/or embedded board. We go back to basics and learn exactly what the application is, enabling us to deliver a complete solution that exceeds your original expectation and believe that getting us involved from the start of any design process can save a lot of time, money and headaches further down the line.

Our project teams work with you to design the best possible solution. Let us guide you through your experience with us - and you can start your journey with us today at the bottom of this article!

Building understanding: the feasibility study.

We start by looking beyond the specification you give us try to understand what you’re trying to achieve with your product. The type of user interface you need for your application, ie simple icons or fully interactive HD graphics, will determine the starting point for both CPU and display selection. In fact, you may be two or three steps removed from the person that actually uses the instrument and it is therefore really important to understand the needs of all the stakeholders. Only by looking at the challenges holistically can we ensure that the solution is going to be perfect for your application.

Understanding of the intended environment in which the product is to be used is imperative, as well as the practical issues of drive ICs, power consumption and mechanical design.

We look at all aspects including the intended location of the end product, light levels, possible impairments to the user, are they very young or very old etc.

We have travelled to many of our customers’ facilities across the globe to understand first-hand how the display solution is going to work in the overall system. If you want a partner willing to go the extra mile and not afraid to look at new concepts or approaches - look no further!

The initial proposal

The study will result in your initial proposal, covering the display, interface and embedded processor that drives it. CPU choice is one of the most critical elements of any system and is the brain of the entire module driving all the I/O peripherals, display and touchscreen.

We will suggest a Processor solution and Display technology customised for your requirements including:

Processor solution

Display technology

- graphics
- speed
- memory
- I/O functionality
- Operating System
- PCB shape and size
- with or without touch
- size requirements
- overlays or films
- interface type.


Your proposal will give you a clear sense of the shape of the solution we are proposing. If you're raring to move ahead then the serious work begins: partnering with the very best-fit manufacturing partners to create a display solution that fits your needs and modeling the solution to ensure that you are 100% satisfied happy with it.

So what happens next? Find out in Part 2...


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