The display as the point of control

The display is now often the point of control for a system and capacitive touch is the most common technology applied. Customers not only need to be assured of a robust, reliable  input capability but often need additional features for specialised markets like point of sale and security.

Display-as-point-of-controlFor example, many applications need signature capture and need to differentiate between fingers and the stylus. The ability to lock input from fingers and recognising stylus only for example can prevent erroneous input during signing operation.

Electromagnetic noise is a constant threat to the performance of capacitive touch screens, which is why touch systems need to have good noise immunity. Manufacturers like Cirque offer all of these features, and add advanced capabilities like secure capacitive scanning, enabling secure input, protected against attempts to bug the device and capture data.

With some applications, the environment presents a challenge. For example, we helped Saeco (a trademark of the Philips Group) be one of the first companies to offer a wide viewing angle 7” TFT PCAP touch screen on their coffee machines for all round and clear viewing by the end users. One of the many challenges of display integration within coffee machines that we and Saeco needed to address was the presence of steam which can cause touch screen dysfunction. They overcame this by using a special Integrated Controller (IC) on the displays to work through water vapour, enabling consumers to craft their coffee experience at home via a Saeco espresso machine in the smoothest way.

A good (or bad) touch experience can make or break a system in the market. The screen needs to withstand the use environment in terms of temperature, moisture, EMC, shock and vibration. It needs to be clearly readable in the ambient light levels, and often needs to withstand deliberate abuse. We at Anders are well placed to advise on the best combination of components for your specific application, and to produce a customized integrated design to suit.  

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