Blue Sky Display thinking at EDS

On 18-19 October, it’s also your opportunity to experience some Blue Sky thinking on your embedded or display design project, by meeting with our specialists at the Embedded Design Show (Stand G30) in Coventry, UK.

Customised display layersIt’s an outstanding opportunity to discuss your display and embedded design challenges, and look at some technologies you may not be aware of that can help you bring in your project on time, on brief and on budget.

We will feature engineering optimised starter kits for very fast proof of concepts and a wealth of different display technologies that can be brought together to create innovative solutions.
We can help you build a product truly fit for purpose.

Our in-house hardware, software and mechanical engineers can assist with display design including:
- custom coverlens
- optical enhancements
- touchscreens
- interfaces
- motherboard design
- software support
- display integration

Centrepiece of the stand is our ARM and Intel Engineering Starter Kit platforms. These are pre-integrated with high-performance PCAP displays, allowing customers to get proof of concept prototypes up and running very quickly.Customised Display Prototyping

The display, the processor and the operating system are working together out of the box with optimised QT GUI images. All customers need to do is load the application software and tune it. Starter Kits are available based on ARM Cortex A8 / A9 and Intel Baytrail processors.

We will also demonstrate our comprehensive portfolio of display technologies, that we can combine to create the right solution for each customer’s project. These extend from STN, Vertical Alignment and PMOLED monochrome displays and IPS and TFT to AMOLED colour displays. We can offer custom coverlens solutions and optical enhancements such as moth-eye or o-film to improve viewing angle and readability. Coverlenses, films and touch overlays can be optically bonded to the display for the best optical performance. Anders also offers displays in a number of unusual shapes including Letterbox format as well as circular displays for instrument panels and wearable electronics.


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