Introducing our full custom TFT Module

We have rewritten the rule book on custom TFT displays with the announcement of a full Custom TFT module service including design, development and manufacturing, with minimum order quantities from as low as 800 units per month.

Custom TFT PROffering design, development and manufacturing of fully custom TFT display’s with optional integration of driving circuitry and touch solutions, for significantly lower NRE charges,  we are able to support applications in the industrial, medical and military markets that have, to date, been unable to take advantage of a custom TFT design service. Lower volume device makers can now finally benefit from TFT module design which adheres to their specific mechanical, electrical and optical requirements and thus optimises the display interface of their product.

The new custom design service offers TFT glass sizes up to and including 6.5” and display resolutions up to WVGA (800 x 480 pixels). In addition to defining bezel sizes, connector types and position, LED backlight assembly, liquid fluid type, and optical films to influence performance,  the TFT display modules can also be integrated with customer defined interface circuitry and onboard control peripherals such as display controllers, DC/DC converters, backlight circuits and power supplies, as well as additional electronic circuitry from the customers’ application design. This additional PCBA can free up space on other boards within the device, enhance reliability and also save overall cost.

To further meet the commercial needs of the customers, all Anders custom TFT solutions guarantee long term product availability of 5-7 years minimum and by offering displays with a pre-integrated touch sensor and cover lens, Anders can ensure a single point of supply for the complete display solution, which is a logistical benefit and critically important for QA accountability.
We have supplied a global customer base with custom passive displays for over 30 years. We know the customer benefits of a custom approach and are thrilled to now be offering the same service for custom TFT modules, having overcome the commercial challenges that faced the industry for so long. As always, we’ll provide local design and support across Europe, leveraging state of the art manufacturing facilities in Asia for production. This is a real win-win for our customers.

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