Tune your industrial project with a round TFT!

Wearables are by definition a highly style conscious market, and the last thing you want is to be tied into a standard display that is just a bit bigger (or smaller) than you’d ideally like. 

Circular LCD Digital Display

We have partnered with display module specialist Truly Semiconductor to create a round colour TFT display with or without touch with affordable NRE and tooling cost structures.

standard module is available, but the key point here is that we can work with you to create the display you actually need. With our affordable NRE and tooling cost structures most customers will be able to specify the exact size they want rather than compromise with an off-the-shelf standard product.

The standard module has an overall diameter of 37.79mm, and an active area of 30.96mm diameter. The round LCD display can be driven from a 4.6V supply and operates at temperatures of -10 to +60 degrees Centigrade.  The LED backlight runs from a 2.9V power supply.

So what are you waiting for to demarcate your project with this custom circular TFT? Get in touch to discuss your application!

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