A Display Engineer's journey To China to meet our partners at Data Image!

We sent our Sales Engineer, Chris Duffen to China recently to meet with our major display partners and find out about their latest innovative developments. His journey starts with a visit to partner Data Image’s factory


“This was my first trip to China, so landing in a bitterly cold -7oC Shanghai with wind speeds of 35 mph was a bracing introduction. I was told that China was experiencing some of its coldest weather for 100 years!

Data Image sits on a vast (46,000 m2) area of new development within the city. Following a morning of commercial meetings I was invited to have a tour of the factory floor.My first visit was to Suzhou, west of Shanghai to meet our manufacturing partner Data Image.

The city is going through very rapid development. Skyscrapers are now the home to tech giants such as Samsung, Intel, Honeywell and Casio - replacing small residential blocks that stood in their place just a few years ago. New roads and city layouts have been constructed to ease the strains of this rapid expansion. The government has built entirely new apartment blocks for residents who were living in districts that have been re-developed. The speed of these changes also extends to a brand new subway system that is expected to be completed just one year after its start date!

Chris in Data ImageDespite all this growth Suzhou has managed to remain in touch with its ancestral past. It remains home to some of China’s best gardens including the Humble Administrator’s Garden, dating to 1513 which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

At Anders we pride ourselves on providing a complete consultative approach with our customers to make sure they are getting the product they really want – so seeing the entire TFT module assembly process from cutting of the glass through to affixing CTPs and Cover Lens was extremely interesting. The attention to detail at each stage of the process and how each individually customised element pieces together to form a semi-custom solution built specifically to customer’s needs reinforced the journey we take with our customers. Data Image also invests in numerous pieces of test equipment to allow the R&D department to match the hardiness of displays to any level of customer driven obscurity.
Data Image are addressing numerous markets and seeing a healthy growth in the Marine sector and have also recently achieved certification for medical quality standards.

This was truly an eye-opening and inspiring visit and I would like to thank my hosts for extending their generous hospitality to me during my stay.”

Check out Chris’s next visit to partner Go World’s facilities next week….

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