We've Been Displaying the Future for 65 Years!

Anders Electronics celebrates its 65th birthday this year. That’s an exceptional milestone, and means that as a company, we’ve seen the birth of most of the display technologies in common use today, and outlived several too.

An anniversary is a great opportunity to reflect on what Anders stands for and look forward to the future, where we are going next. It’s my privilege to lead the exceptional team that is at the heart of Anders in its 65th year. Looking at our business, I believe there are three things that are central to what we do today. They have been so for most of our history and will continue to be central as we move forward into the future.

Calrec mixing consoleThe first is that we have always offered special expertise on the issue of helping people interact with technology. Electronic systems are becoming increasingly advanced, yet the need for simple, intuitive interaction remains. Today, this means providing the hardware, firmware and design skills to optimise the Graphical User Interface (GUI). We enable, through optimising hardware, excellent GUI design options for our customers and help them make the interaction between their system as easy and pleasurable as possible for the user. A great example is the Calrec Audio mixing console, where we created a display that fitted a very specific requirement. The second follows on from this: innovation.

The technologies available for this user interface evolve rapidly. Most of this innovation begins in the consumer electronics market, which is characterised by high volumes and short product life cycles. Anders has always been fantastic at taking these technologies and making them accessible to a wider market of applications, which are sold in much lower volumes with much longer life cycles. Equally, we have always been committed to established technologies that are continuing to serve our customers well, even though they are no longer fashionable. So today, in 2017, we are amongst the first to offer AMOLED to industrial and professional electronics designers. At the same time, we are continuing to innovate with established technologies like TFT, now offering non-standard shapes and sizes like ‘letterbox’ styles and even circular displays for example. We are also continuing to support and supply mono display technologies that are still the right solution for so many customers although some manufacturers have dropped them.

The third is people. What unites us as a team is a passion for what we do, and a real commitment to be part of our customer’s success. Some of our team here at Anders, like Paul Hooper and Mike Logan have been part of the company for twenty years or more of its history. They live and breathe its values and its technology and have close relationships with our suppliers and customers. Others joined us much more recently, like Christian Madella, who came from Qualcomm to refresh us with new expertise, insights and approaches, especially in driver development.


The world has changed beyond all recognition in 65 years, and more quickly than ever in the last year, but those three things always have been and will be central to Anders.

Our aim is always to exceed you, our customers’ expectations, with our expertise, our service and our technology. That was true 65 years ago when we started, is true today and will remain true in the future.

Paul Mullen, General Manager, Anders Electronics

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