Embedded Display DX4 guiding mobile transporters

One of the more unusual applications to cross the Anders tech desk was a design with a US manufacturer of industrial robots. Yes, out there DX4 modules are autonomously guiding mobile transporters around manufacturing sites around the world in response to commands transmitted wirelessly by an operator.

Adept Technology Transporter with DX4 Touch Screen Display

The company involved was Adept Technology who is the largest U.S.-based manufacturer of industrial robots, supplying industrial robots, configurable linear modules, and other flexible automation equipment, to manufacturing sites around the world since 1983.

Its new Adept Courier is an intelligent mobile transporter that combines a high payload autonomous platform with an onboard controller and software for map generation and vehicle guidance. Material transports are initiated from a wireless call box located at operator stations and dispatched using pre-programmed destination buttons located on the vehicle. Adept based the transporter on our DX4.

“The DX4 was chosen for its open development platform, easy to embed form factor, high-quality capacitive touchscreen, and high-resolution display,” says Deron Jackson, Chief Technical Officer, Adept Technology.

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