Low MOQs guaranteed on our 2.8” diagonal QVGA TFT!

Even displays that are industry standard can suddenly become hard to source, if manufacturers detect higher demand for other sizes and switch their production accordingly. Customers then have an unpalatable choice between committing to taking a large stock with the associated cash flow implications or, redesigning their product.

2-8-QVGARecently, we identified that competitors are either discontinuing or applying large MOQs to 2.8” diagonal QVGA TFT panels. Whilst some customers are indeed migrating to larger sizes, our competitors move is in our view premature, and we have a new range at this size available with low Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs), following the negotiation of an exclusive agreement with an Asian supplier.

We are now offering the 2.8” diagonal QVGA TFT panels with or without a touch screen overlay. The displays themselves draw just 4mA from a 3V power supply. The LED backlight is powered from a 13.2V supply and draws 20mA. Anders Electronics can customise the modules and offer bezels and other components to help ensure a good fit in an existing display aperture. 

We can supply with minimum order quantities of just 1000 pieces. This is a great example of the kind of pro-active support that a strong display specialist is able to offer.

2.8" non-touch Datasheet 

2.8" with touch Datasheet

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