Better Together - one million step challenge


Jul 08, 2020

Months of working from home has impacted people in different ways, but one thing we all agree is getting outside and getting active is important for not only our physical health but also out mental wellbeing.

So, from 1st July, the Better Together Team has embarked on the 1 million step challenge in support of Diabetes UK. There are 4.8 million people living with diabetes in the UK, the complications of which lead to over 500 premature deaths every week.

So, we're stepping towards a healthier team, and a better future for people living with diabetes.

Support Team Better Together in the One Million Step Challenge for Diabetes UK

We have started with 15 team members, all aiming to smash the one million step challenge. The team are really encouraging each other and there is already some in-house competitive streaks coming out - which all helps the motivation. Come rain or shine, the team are staying active. We truly are Better Together.

The challenge has started really well and after the first week, we have managed to accumulate just over 1 million steps (currently sitting 22nd on the National Leaderboard) and raise £634 for Diabetes UK. There is a long way to go so any support you can give us would be very much appreciated.

Please follow our twitter and facebook pages for weekly updates on our progress.

Better Together Team taking part in the one million step challenge