Better Together - keeping the supply chain going


Jul 27, 2020

The phrase ‘The whole is greater than the sum of the parts may seem to go against basic mathematical theory, but when the parts come together correctly, the phrase is not just proven - it’s powerful. But as we know, timing can be everything, so when Anders welcomed Selectronic into their family as a global pandemic hit, things were either going to come together or fall apart very quickly.

At first there was some apprehension among both teams, a normal reaction to any change. Then, as they realised the opportunities the new alliance offered, apprehension quickly shifted to excitement.

As the pandemic swept across the globe, not just people but business, manufacturing and supply chains worldwide were destroyed. Despite the crisis, the new Anders and Selectronic alliance had fortuitous timing. As Anders were forced to shut their warehouse in London, they were able to take advantage of Selectronic’s larger warehouse location in Witney, enabling them to continue to supply the UK without interruption.

About our Witney warehouse and how we kept the supply chain moving

  • Multiple logistics options kept costs down and ensured delivery even during the pandemic
  • Faster turnaround time and reduced costs by keeping activities in-house (no third party)
  • The larger facility at Witney enabled the team to use larger vehicles for better value shipping
  • Witney’s larger size also enabled the teams to practice social distancing

The partnership has created the very best Product Fulfilment Company (PFC), which is company that can take an idea or concept and fulfil its potential worldwide, in any and every possible market, ensuring that it is properly engineered, designed, developed, protected, approved, certified, and delivered. The expanded expertise of our new company provides a world class supply chain network focussed on driving productivity through all touchpoints, driving cost efficiency, speed and a better customer experience.

This involves a lot of collaboration – engineering, logistics, supply chain, purchasing and shipping are a few. As the teams got to meet each other, they realised they had more in common than they expected and could expand their knowledge and capabilities through collaboration.

Stepping up to the challenge

When the pandemic struck, our Warehouse Supervisor David Souch, really stepped up. He happened to be the only person working in the office continuously, managing and updating all warehouse deliveries right through the crisis. Since he was thoroughly prepared, he was up to the challenge of a global disaster that shook every aspect of supply and delivery. David was proud of the fact that, despite the many threats COVID-19 posed to the supply chain, he was able to keep his UK clients supplied with no disruptions.

David is looking forward to consolidating the Anders & Selectronic customer orders, excited to see the benefits that the expanded scope, scale, and speed will bring.

Thank you to David for providing an inspirational template for the new alliance, and for proving the point yet again that ‘People Make Anders.’