How has your technological world changed?


Sep 24, 2018

The tech world has changed at an unprecedented rate. The rate of innovation is extraordinary. When you are in this world, the one that Anders is embedded within, you have the choice - adapt or die. Does that sound too dramatic?

Think about the brands that have vanished from our world, replaced by others that offer a simpler approach for the modern world of instant convenience. Nokia, Compaq, Blockbuster, Enron, Woolworths, and Palm. Did they adapt, or did they die?

Now, welcome to the companies that have emerged and disrupted, the logos that we now seek to fulfill our needs with their easy-to-do-business-with approach; Airbnb, Uber, Tesla, Nest, and Netflix.

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And lastly, consider those that evolved over time to keep ahead of the transformation curve, thus choosing to adapt, rather than die; Amazon, Lego, Cadbury and of course, Apple.

These leading household names stayed relevant by evolving.

Here at Anders, we have never been the kind of people to lay down and let the grass grow under us. We are far too energetic for that. It may come from the fact that we have a youthful, multinational team with a very diverse, enthusiastic culture that listens to a challenge and dedicates our engineering headspace to a solution.

So we have continuously evolved, essentially driving our own technology engine and influencing the display, and embedded display market.

Displays are a perfect example of how the world has changed. Once considered only a component of the design for exclusive, limited and high-end consumer devices and/or interaction, the simplicity as well as the aesthetically pleasing appeal of display technology has brought it into the forefront of industrial, medical, automotive, and home appliance industries. Size is not a boundary, from handheld devices through to large form factor smart cities. Now, the display has centre stage!

As the portfolio expands, so does the engineering ability. The need to stand out from the crowd and the dislike of ‘me too’ drives the need for customisation, frequently with the complexity tag attached.

The original equipment maker, our Anders customer, can’t get that level of specification off the shelf, and that’s where our role gets super exciting. On a day-to-day basis, our engineering team address challenges, such as extreme heat performance through to subzero conditions, or how to distinguish rainwater from salt water, or how to ensure accuracy in the harshest of environments.

As the market leaders in display technology, we’ve been ‘behind the screen’ for over 35 years, solving problems and eliminating the drama. There is very little we haven’t seen, touched or engineered, so our customers are comfortable in the knowledge that we are 100% committed to getting the job done. And since the market will continue to transform, with some companies adapting and others not, Anders will continue to evolve and drive the embedded display technology evolution.

We are Anders, we are the people behind the screen.