Engineers - The unsung heroes of tech


Oct 19, 2018

It’s in the nature of engineering to work quietly behind the scene. Focused on getting the job done rather than individual recognition or glory hunting. Often working as part of a team driven to address a challenge, solve a problem, improve performance, optimise an outcome, or to figure out how part A would work with part B. They don’t often have their names in the papers, tend to be much more self-deprecating than scientists, but are equally important to test change and to make us consumers take products, solutions, and services for granted.

So here at Anders we’d like to stop and give thanks to our team of firmware, hardware, mechanical, optical and software engineers who display precision through engineering.

It all starts with an Engineer!

It doesn't matter which technology company you admire, engineers largely started them all. Whether they are the hardware guys like Steve Wozniak or the software guys like Mark Zuckerberg, engineers have taken us to the moon and back, enabled us to fly around the globe and made the world smaller by connecting us all 24/7.

From a business development, operations and marketing perspective, sometimes we overlook the pressure we place on our engineering teams, who by nature tend to be quieter, studious and perpetually busy. Sometimes we forget that these are the teams that genuinely bring to life the product that our customers dream of, and that they do it with grace, and no drama.

We have 12 engineers in Anders, which accounts for 40% of our business model, so it could be said that engineering is at the heart of our company. The team is diverse in age and origin, speaking 12 different languages. This keeps creativity dynamic and lively, exactly what you’d expect passionate engineering to be like. Since no two customers are the same and no two projects are identical, they enjoy interesting and varied careers. As the need for customisation within the industrial market has grown, so too has our engineering experience and expertise. Our engineers often say that there are very few challenges that they have not seen and fixed before. Whilst this sounds boastful, if you know an engineer you will know it’s not - it’s simply factual.

There may never have been a better time to be an engineer, highlighted at the Electronic Design Show, with 200 exhibitors showcasing their products and services and over 4000 visitors exploring new design techniques. With so much engineering precision on display, you could feel the excitement in the air.

On speaking to a number of companies, you learn that a numerous Managing Directors and technology company owners consider themselves engineers first and company directors second. Our company is design-led through the innovation displayed by the engineering team to optimise design and develop a solution that is suitable for the specific application.

So thank you for our talented engineers - keep doing what you are doing! Keep solving problems, keep improving, keep optimising and keep on designing and developing the latest LCD and embedded technologies that make not only us in Anders proud, but make our customers stop and say “wow, that’s pretty cool.”

Anders, #ThePeopleBehindTheScreen.

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