Tim Liou

Tim Liou

Applications and Development Engineer

Meet Yu-Ting Liou our Application & Development Engineer

Yu-Ting (aka Tim) is all about the hardware for Anders.

What is hardware I hear you say? Well in case you don’t know hardware is a physical part of computer system or electronic device. Hardware, we can touch and feel.

At Anders we are engineering, designing and developing the best possible solution to integrate within your hardware and enclosure. There are many variables, including, size, application type, certification requirements, environmental setting etc. People can have a wonderful concept for touchscreen, but in order to drive and protect the software, the app, the screen etc, the hardware is part of our vertically integrated approach.

Tim is a Mandarin speaker which means we can speak with our engineers in China in their own language, meaning faster results for our customers. So we really do turn local, truly global.

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