Liem Tran

Liem Tran

Applications & Development Engineer

Meet Liem Tran our Applications and Development Engineer

Liem is one of our young team, the next generation of tech, so we thought it would be fun to ask him what he tells his friends that he does in Anders. We love Liem’s response; “I design electronic stuff for industrial use, things like the user interactive systems you see at; cash points, oyster machines, etc.  I monitor and facilitate the high-level design of LCDs and create the low-level design of embedded systems from hardware (schematic and PCB) and software (Linux Kernel) perspective.”

Sounds impressive doesn’t it.  Liem’s family members are engineers, therefore as someone who enjoys all things engineering, he gets to talk about what motivates him whilst with team Anders and his real family.

“When It comes to design, I can be somewhat 'anal' with the details in the sense that everything has to be as expected hence no surprises. But to be honest that's the same with my fellow engineers. In general, I am a fan of precision and symmetry in the situation where the environment warrants it.”

Liem is a level 80 dungeon master with +7 enhancements on his gear and wields a Sword of Dark Destruction obtained from Dragons Reach.  Whatever these things mean.  So, if you want to talk to Liem about engineering, Anders or any of this other stuff, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone.

Please call us +44 (0)207 388 7171