Modern transportation systems have become increasingly complex: it’s no longer about being just in control of the vehicle, but also ensuring safety, connectivity and an overall seamless user experience while travelling, therefore understanding where and how these systems will be used is key to helping you design a solution truly fit for purpose.

Our Marine and Automotive Design Expertise

With extensive design and development expertise, we can help you with your marine and automotive electronic product design challenges, including:

Display Readability:

  • Marine and Automotive electronic devices create many challenges including the inevitable sunlight shining on the display and the user's viewing position - all making the display difficult to read. By adopting a display technology with wide viewing angles, such as the superior LCD In-Plane Switching Display technology (IPS), your display device can be read almost side on. Alternatively, viewing angles can also be improved by applying specific films including o-film, which gives you typically an additional 10 degrees of viewability in any direction.
  • Bright sunlight on a display creates reflections, which can obscure the contents of the screen even when viewed pretty much directly. Optical Bonding between the cover glass and the display improves the appearance and readability of the display by eliminating internal reflections allowing information to be read more easily. Read more about our Optical Bonding Service.

  • Increasing the luminance of the backlight unit is also an effective way of overcoming readability issues - read more about our Backlight customisation services;

Thermal Management Challenges:

  • Thermal management is a critical design factor for marine and automotive electronics devices as they get exposed to extremes of heat and cold. Fitting an IR filter overlay into your display design and using UV glues are always good measures to take, to reduce heating from the sun and prevent discolouration.
  • Component selection is also critical in order to get a system able to handle extreme temperatures. Extended temperature range solutions with -30 to +85°C will ensure a smooth operation of your system. Heat sinks will also will allow heat to dissipate and offer further ruggedness to your design.
  • Immunity to high levels of EMI is a common challenge to overcome in the Marine and Automotive designs due to the large number of electronic systems in a confined space. Choosing the right components is crucial. Optimum selection of IC and firmware tuning regardless of display glass thickness, as well as EMI shielding can be carried out by our engineers to provide EMI immunity.



Circular Displays

Circular displays can ensure your marine or automotive display design truly stands out from the crowd. OLED and TFT modules available up to 4.2", fully customisable...

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Designing the best solution for your application

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Successful Customer Journey

marine-display-designFrom marine dashboard navigation controllers to portable navigation nystems (GPS) we've enabled design engineering teams to develop state-of-art electronic marine and automotive electronic devices using our display and embedded solutions. 

When approached by a leading marine vehicle manufacturing company with the challenge of delivering a full sunlight readable display solution with high EMI immunity for a marine navigation system to integrate in their boat system, we rose to the challenge.

Our team of display experts designed an optically bonded IPS display with custom coverlens including optical film and UV resistance ink for enhanced readability and resistance. A specially designed heatsink into the backlight unit enabled heat dissipation and longer life time of the LEDs. Finally, to suppress EMI emissions our team designed EMI shielded cables and enabled EMI shielded PCB assembly.

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