Celebrating 65 years of technology

Our Milestone Dates

2017 marks the 65th Anniversary of Anders Electronics, a milestone we are very proud of. We have seen the birth of most of the display and embedded technologies in common use today, and outlived several too. 

The world has certainly changed in the last 65 years and so do we. We have continuously evolved our expertise, technology and service to always exceed our customers’ expectations.

This is not the end, we are just getting started. The technology revolution continues and we’ll keep pushing back the frontiers because we consider that your success is part of our success and our aim is to always be the best partner to talk to.

That was true 65 years ago when we started, is true today and will remain true in the future.

Anders Electronics - The Group

“Our portfolio of display and embedded computing solutions is exceptional, but it is our people that make the difference. With passion and integrity, we work hand in hand with our customers to deliver the best products possible and ensure every solution we create will exceed our customers’ expectations.” 

Paul Mullen, General Manager

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