2.47'' Circular IPS TFT Display with rotary switch



This 2.47'' full colour circular IPS TFT display features all round viewing angle and high contrast ratio. Its round outline and rotary switch make it suitable for smart appliances such as smart thermostats, as well as portable healthcare devices, marine instrumentations and smart industrial IOT devices.

All our displays can be customised by our in-house engineering team to meet your application requirements, from optical enhancements, antimicrobial coating, touch optimisation to hardware, software and mechanical integration. Discover all our design services here.

This product also available in 1.3" and 2.1" configurations.

  • Screen Size: 2.47"
  • Aspect Ratio: 1:1
  • Viewing Angle: All round - IPS 
  • Module size: 92.4 × 92.4 × 25.23 mm
  • Resolution: 480 x 480
  • Brightness: 290 cd/m2
  • Interface: RGB
  • 2.47'' Circular IPS TFT Display with rotary switch
  • 2.47'' Circular IPS TFT Display with rotary switch
  • 2.47'' Circular IPS TFT Display with rotary switch
  • 2.47'' Circular IPS TFT Display with rotary switch
  • Youtube preview image
  • Youtube preview image
  • Youtube preview image

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Screen Size 2.27"
Display TechnologyIPS TFT
Resolution 480 x 480
Brightness290 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio 1100:1
Interface4-wire SPI
Operation TypeRotate & Press
LED RingRGB (Customisable)
Dimensions92.4 × 78.4 × 25 mm
OP Temperature -20° to 70°C
Rotating Button AppearanceAnodized aluminium alloy with black or white printed 2D or 2.5D coverlens

* Optional feature available on this product

Displays that make an impact

Displays that make an impact

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